cedar lake park

The photo below is an aerial of the northeast corner of Cedar Lake.  The lake and cattail marsh are posterior right.  On the far left are the trails of the Kenilworth Greenway, along with a heavy rail line presently carrying light traffic.  This corridor is the proposed route for the 14.5 Southwest Light Rail Transit line connecting Eden Prairie and downtown Minneapolis. In the foreground are the Cedar Lake Trail restored prairies, established in 1995.  A glimpse of the Cedar Lake Regional Trail, the first commuter bikeway in the country, can be seen in the front right of the photo.

Located in the center is the Heart of the Park.  Within the triangle formed by old rail yard service roads, now walking paths, is the Memorial Cedar Grove.  The Grove was established in 1996 when a dedication ceremony was held, and the first trees planted in a double spiral arrangement radiating out from a central point.  It was completely an “accident” that the center of the spirals is located in the the center of the triangle.  In addition, the grove is oriented as a henge, with lines established in the 4 directions, as well as the sunrise and sunset on the summer and winter solstices.

For more information about the work of the Cedar Lake Park Association, visit www.cedarlakepark.org , find us on Facebook or Twitter, or send us a note at info@cedarlakepark.org



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