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Thunder and Rain

It is middle June, early evening. Rich and ripe the earth, jungle green , with the rain. Lightning generating ozone, freshness. Electrons dancing with oxygen. We are electric water beings.    

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cedar lake park

The photo below is an aerial of the northeast corner of Cedar Lake.  The lake and cattail marsh are posterior right.  On the far left are the trails of the Kenilworth Greenway, along with a heavy rail line presently carrying … Continue reading

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I was out riding my bike this morning. Where I live, there are many neighborhood paved trails that connect parks and other wilder landscapes where birds abound, people walk, and there are many varieties of plants. I enjoyed myself immensely, … Continue reading

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Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy of identifying and removing blocks in the flow of energy throughout the nervous system.  We are applied neurologists employing a variety of tools, ancient and modern, to promote health and wellness. Chiropractors bring … Continue reading

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Happy New Year. Welcome to 2013.

The “crud” is amongst us, seemingly everywhere.  Coughs, stuffed and runny heads, malaise are common.  I like a scarf for immune support, and scarves are versatile.  Best, they warm and protect from the wind the sensitive throat and neck tissues.  … Continue reading

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10 Modifiable Factors of Aging

Blood Sugar Detoxification Inflammation Methylation Chronic Stress Mitochondria Function Immune System Food Sensitivities Hormones Digestion

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Vitamin D

No longer is Vitamin D considered just about Calcium and bones.  The minimum requirement used to be 400IU/day, enough to prevent the bone disease Ricketts. Vitamin D receptors have been found on and in several organs, such as immune cells, … Continue reading

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Laboratory Testing

We are excited to announce that we now have the ability to order our own lab tests of blood, urine, saliva, breath, and hair.  The panels are superb, better than anything I see people bring from their medical doctors.   Inexpensive, … Continue reading

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Here you will find offerings about many areas of healthy living.  Our mission is to help you create, implement, and maintain your individualized plan for health and wellness.

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